Trace Elements Hair Analysis

HTMA Tests from Trace Elements

HTMA Tests from Trace Minerals, Inc.

A Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is a Body Mineral Balancing procedure used to determine the body’s mineral levels, imbalances, deficiencies, and toxic metals. A hair sample is all that is required to take the first step towards a balanced body and optimal health.

The information reported on a Trace Elements, Inc. hair analysis test serves as a guide for supplement, diet, and lifestyle recommendations that will help the body heal. This works through the process of toxic metal elimination and the rebuilding of essential minerals. 

Trace Elements provides HTMA for humans, dogs, and horses. Each program includes a graphic illustration of the body’s mineral levels and ratios, as well as a personalized interpretation of the hair analysis results and personalized recommendations. 

Specific questions or additional support regarding hair tissue mineral analysis test results is available through consultation time with Practitioner Eileen Durfee.  Learn more about HTMA on our Hair Analysis Information page.