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Produce certified organic ozone for use in the home, garden, with animals, and more with the Tri-Oxy COMPLETE. 

On-demand ozone is available at your fingertips with Tri-Oxy COMPLETE 5 mg/hr Ozone Generator. This powerful device generates ozone instantly at concentrations of 2.00 ppm-3.00 ppm, based upon the water temperature, pH, and total dissolved solids. 

A single ozone molecule is equivalent to 3,000-10,000 chlorine molecules, making it 3500 times more pathogenic to microbes, without the side effects of chlorine.  Ozonated water destroys larvae, including mites, fleas, and lice, as well as algae, fungus, mold, spores and 99.99% H5N2 Virus. The powerful sanitizing and oxidizing effects of ozone do not leave behind any toxic residue. 

The Tri-Oxy COMPLETE can be used for a variety of applications: 

  • Ozone sprayed as a mist in the garden to destroy mold, larvae, pesticides, and pests, on plants. Ozone is also beneficial when sprayed on roses and can help plants grow 40% more. 
  • Use ozone to wash pets and keep them clean. 
  • Provide ozonated water for animals to drink. Animals drink water more when it's ozonated and thus, become healthier and stronger. 
  • Draw a bath with ozonated water. 
  • When ozone as liquid sanitizer when device is attached to a washing machine. Be sure to place the supply hose in with the hose going out into the washer.
  • Farmers can supply ozonated water to their chickens to prevent bird flu and save their lives. Birds love to drink ozonated water, and chickens will have lay more eggs, have healthier plumage, and have less infections.
  • Farmers may also spray ozone to clean out animal pens and get rid of flies. Set a timer for water systems to not have to manually wash the troughs. Self-cleaning, algae-free, oxygen rich water troughs decrease costs and periodic cleaning. 

Cross contamination, which can come about from bathing, rinsing, wiping, etc. is kept to a minimum with ozonated water. 

Specifications: The COMPLETE is made from stainless steel housing with folding legs that add an extra 4.5" in height. The machine is lead-free and has standard 3/4" hose thread fittings (hose excluded). It is  portable, lightweight, and has ozone injection with dual internal venturi design.  There is additionally an ozone concentration adjustment knob that runs from zero up to 5 mg/hr. 

Water supply hose and spray wand are excluded. We recommend a 10-foot water supply hose for use with the COMPLETE.  The longer the hose and the larger the diameter, the less pressure there will be. Based on your choice of application, you may want to use an in-line booster pump.