Why you need Negative Ions

Environmental Concentrations of Negative Ions or Anions

Meteorological conditions alter the amount of both negative and positive ions in the air. Positive ions increase when a cold front or low pressure passes through. As a result, it has been documented that the outbreak of asthma, neuralgia and apoplexy is higher due to the increase of positive ions and decrease in anions within the human body.

In a stable atmospheric state generally, the ratio of anions and positive ions are about 1:2 with about 2,000 to 4,000 negative ions or anions per cubic centimeter in fresh country air. Generally people feel better in nature, strolling along the beach or while watching waves which can be attributed to negative ion concentrations. At Yosemite falls there are 100,000 negative ions or anions per cubic centimeter in contrast to less than 100 negative ions per cubic centimeter during rush hour on the Los Angeles freeway. In general, positive ions are distributed in polluted areas and anions are distributed in clean nature.

It is extremely common for indoor negative ion concentrations to range between 0 to 100 because of positively ionized computer screens, TVs, appliances, electronics and metal ductwork of HVAC systems stripping electrons and creating a poisonous surplus of positive ions.

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